Transfer Information for Teacher Education

General and Transfer Information for Teacher Education

Welcome to UCO! This webpage includes a number of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to help make your transition to UCO's Teacher Education program a smooth one.

What are the first Teacher Education classes I should take at UCO?

PTE 1010: Introduction to Teacher Education

PTE 3023: Foundations of American Education in the Department of Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research focuses on the historical, philosophical, political and social influences on education in the United States.

Additionally, this course is the introductory class for Teacher Education and will help familiarize you with the requirements for the program.  It has a 15-hour field experience requirement in addition to the scheduled class times.  Field experience hours must be completed during week days, typically between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m school hours.  You may concurrently take other courses in your major as long as you meet the prerequisites.

To whom should I talk regarding transferring credit from another university to UCO?

You will need to talk to ALL of the following: (1) your undergraduate advisor needs to review the University Core classes, (2) education department chairs need to review the education courses and (3) your program coordinator needs to review your content area courses. See the next four bolded questions and their responses (below) to find out with whom you need to schedule an appointment. 

To whom should I talk regarding general education transfer and substitution courses (University Core classes), as well as major advisement?

Please see UCO’s Academic Advisement website for the most current list of advisors.

What are the required 4x12 general courses that ALL early childhood, elementary and special education majors must complete?

The following classes are required by UCO to meet the State Regents’ 4x12 requirements for Early Childhood, Elementary Education and Special Education Majors. Only courses completed with a grade of "C" or better will satisfy the requirements for Admission to Teacher Education and/or to Student Teaching. Talk to your major advisor at UCO to see if courses from other institutions will transfer for 4x12 courses.





What if I completed education courses at another university?

For the classes you will request we substitute in place of our Teacher Education courses, please gather the following documents:

Please note UCO’s Teacher Education protocol for approving course substitutions requires the following:

Additionally, please note:

To whom should I talk regarding Teacher Education course substitutions?

Please look at the degree sheet for your major as listed in UCO’s most current catalog.

Determine which UCO course(s) you are requesting to be substituted with your past university’s work.

Course Substitution  For courses beginning with... Make an appointment with...


Dr. Cheryl Evans


Dr. Terry Spigner ECED, ELED Dr. Paulette Shreck PTE Dr. Mike Nelson HLTH, KINS, PHED Dr. Stephanie Canada-Phillips ENG, HIST, MATH, BIO, ART, MUS, etc.
(programs outside of the College of Education and Professional Studies) the program coordinator listed in the next section

Additionally, to whom should I talk regarding the transfer of major (typically, 3000- or 4000-level) content area coursework and specific information about my program of study?

Please contact the appropriate program coordinator who can best provide current information about your major coursework and initial preparation as a teacher.

Program Coordinators by Department and Major If your major is... Make an appointment with the program coordinator... Department Art Education (K-12) Dr. Oksun Lee Art Dance Education (K-12) Ms. Hui Poos Dance Early Childhood Education Dr. Barb Carter Curriculum & Instruction Elementary Education Dr. Keith Higa Curriculum & Instruction English Education (6-12) Dr. Anastasia Wickham English History Education (6-12) Dr. Justin Olmstead History Math Education (6-12) Dr. Carol Lucas Math Modern Languages Education (K-12) Dr. Teresa Moinette Modern Languages Music Education (Instrumental; K-12) Dr. Keith White Music Music Education (Vocal; K-12) Dr. Darla Eshelman Music Physical Education (K-12) Dr. Stephanie Canada-Phillips Kinesiology & Health Studies Science Education (6-12) Dr. Elizabeth Allan Biology Special Education (Mild/Moderate & Severe/Profound; K-12) Dr. Terry Spigner Advanced Professional & Special Services Speech-Language Pathology Dr. Linda Sealey-Holtz Advanced Professional & Special Services Theatre/Communication Education Ms. Carrie Hill Theatre

What are essential deadlines for me to follow in the Teacher Education program?

Please see the next round of deadlines for relevant Teacher Education applications:

When am I eligible to apply for Admission to Teacher Education?

You should apply to Admission to Teacher Education as soon as you have completed (or will complete by the end of the current semester) ALL of the following requirements:

To whom should I talk regarding Teacher Education requirements, procedures, applications, deadlines, clinical experiences, etc.?

A comprehensive guide to our Teacher Education program, the Teacher Education Handbook, and the most current deadlines are provided online:

For additional information, please contact the appropriate UCO professional:

Query Directory by Category If your questions, concern, and/or needs are regarding... Speak to/make an appointment with... Department General Information—Certification Test Dates, Deadlines, Background Check Information, etc. Ms. Jan Anderson, Administrative Assistant Teacher Education Services Field Experiences, Admission to Teacher Education or Teacher Certification & Testing Ms. Kristy Farris, Coordinator of Teacher Certification Teacher Education Services Urban Teacher Preparation Academy, School Partnerships & Teacher Residency

Ms. Nina Coerver, Coordinator of School Partnerships

Teacher Education Services Admission to Student Teaching Ms. Cindy Howard, Coordinator of Clinical Experiences Teacher Education Services Data Assessment System Mr. Jace KnoxCoordinator of Educator Preparation Data Management Teacher Education Services

How many hours of field experience, prior to student teaching, are required?

Programs differ in the number of hours they require due to practica and/or service learning activities. The program coordinator for your major can provide the details of field experience expectations. However, the following list provides the minimal field experience hours required of all UCO Teacher Education majors:

Whom do I contact to find out if my field experience hours will transfer to UCO?

Please contact Dr. Mike Nelson, Chair of Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research. To substitute for PTE 3023 or 4533 hours, the field experiences must have been completed in the P-12 school setting in conjunction with coursework similar to what is provided in either/both of these PTE courses. Other requirements for substitutions may exist, as well. Field hours completed as part of a service project outside the P-12 school setting, such as at a summer camp, etc., are not eligible for substitution.

Does participation in field experiences and student teaching require a national background check?

Yes! In order for you to be placed in a field experience, you must clear a national certified background check with no felonies, period, and with no misdemeanors that are a cause of concern for working with children. Before being cleared to visit any school site as a part of UCO teacher training, you must “pass” the background check.  Please ask your program coordinator and/or course professors when you should complete the background check process. Contact the Teacher Education Services Office (405-974-5710) for more details.

What is the foreign language requirement for Teacher Education majors?

All students who are entering freshmen, transferring to an Oklahoma institution from out of state, or enrolling in a certification program are required to meet the foreign language competency. The foreign language competency must be met prior to Admission to Student Teaching.

The competency requirement is limited to speaking and listening only. The foreign language competency at the novice-high level can be met in the following ways:


What Teacher Certification Exams will I be required to take to complete the program?

The following exams are required by the deadlines noted:

For more information regarding testing requirements, time frames and constraints, competencies and study guides, cost and locations, etc., see this website.

[Note: Students must make sure to save their test results on a computer hard drive, flash drive, etc. There is a minimal charge for replacing lost test results.]

What scholarships and tuition waivers might be available for Teacher Education majors?

[Note: Scholarship applications are available to all students starting in the first semester that they are enrolled in and taking classes at UCO. Scholarships are not given to transfer students prior to their first full semester. Students who apply for and receive scholarships must be returning to classes at UCO the following fall semester. Please visit this page for more information.]

How will Career Services assist me in finding employment when I graduate?

What University-sponsored organizations are specifically for Teacher Education majors?

Please contact the appropriate sponsor(s) who can best provide current information about opportunities with these organizations.

Teacher Education Related Organizations Teacher Education-Related Organizations Get more information from... Department Student Oklahoma Education Association (SOEA) Dr. Susan Scott Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) Dr. Lisa Lohmann Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research Physical Education Major's Club Dr. Stephanie Canada-Phillips Kinesiology & Health Studies Central's Association of Responsive Educators (CARE) Dr. Jill Davis, Dr. Kelly Baker and Dr. DiAnn McDown Curriculum and Instruction National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association Dr. Linda Sealey-Holtz Advanced Professional & Special Services
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