College of Education and Professional Studies

Spain & Italy Study Tour - Summer 2018

Spain & Italy Study Tour, Summer 2018 - The focus of the course is on the challenging / changing of world views that have occurred over the centuries and continues to present day. There will be an emphasis on views of the “Mind” (i.e., scientific revolution, psychology, learning) and how those ideas challenged Government, Authority and Power [GAP] (i.e., American Revolution, Monarchies, Church). When visiting sites in Spain and Italy, the Mind and GAP will be highlighted. Additionally, we will experience the rich culture that both Spain and Italy have to offer.

The cost includes all travel (airfare, trains, buses), entrance to all required sites (some sites are optional; those are at students’ own expense), some food (breakfast most days and a per diem of about $20 per day to use as you see fit), and lodging. There is an initial deposit due of $750 in late November. The remaining balance can be added to your bursar account for the spring, but must be paid in full before the trip.

Application and Deposits

Currently, the set maximum number of students is 15- 17. If you are interested in taking the course, see Dr. Vincent or Dr. Hancock; we can take your deposit and explain the application process. If there are more than 17 apply, students who are not chosen will be given a full refund.