College of Education and Professional Studies

Hanyang University International Summer School

Seoul, Korea

When: Summer 2013

Cost: UCO tuition for a 3 hour course + airfare + meals + insurance through the university ($90) + $300 spending money for weekends

Application Deadline: ASAP

UCO faculty members will be teaching UCO classes at the Hanyang University International Summer School in Seoul, Korea this July. UCO faculty and students will be the largest group represented at this international program, featuring faculty and students from at least 55 countries worldwide. Students pay UCO tuition and fees and have free housing for the month of July.

Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays are free days with group excursions into the city and surrounding community to experience the culture of South Korea. The excursions are free of charge. CEPS has money available for students in the college to apply toward the trip. Students who are interested should contact faculty teaching the course in which they want to enroll for more information.

Course Syllabus

Faculty Information

Tourism and Recreation – contact Dr. Jerel Cowan at 974-5235 or         

Health Equity and Determinants of Health – contact Dr. Sunshine Cowan at 974-5238 or          

Multicultural Counseling – contact Ms. Lea Ann Garcia at 245-9520 or  

Introduction to Rehabilitation Psychology (for undergraduates and graduates) – contact Dr. Janelle Grellner at 974-5466 or