College of Education and Professional Studies

Korea Study Tour

Study Abroad Program in Korea for Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education Majors

When: 1st cohort (pilot) Spring 2013
Applications available:
May 1, 2012
Applications due: May 30, 2012

Pre-requisite: Minimum of two years of college
Limit: 12 students

Fall 2012 Semester

  • FLGN 2000 Korean I (required)
  • ECED 4970 Seminar: Global Perspectives Tch Children (1 hour)(required)

Spring 2013 Semester

You will take these courses: (9-11 hours)

  • ECED 4222 Leadership in Diverse Communities: course taught 1/2013, Dr. Wetsel
  • PTE 3133 Child Psych: hybrid, Dr. James
  • ELED 4323 Teaching Preschool and Primary Mathematics: January 2013; (requires admission to TCHR Ed program); hybrid, Dr. Cassel
  • ECED 4313 Creativity in ECED: Hybrid, Dr. Wilhelm
  • ECED 4970 Seminar: Global Perspectives of Teaching Children (1-3 hrs); hybrid, w/portions in spring semester, in Korea, and upon return, Dr. Wetsel/staff

If you want to go, but have taken some of these courses, we invite you to apply. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

You will be teaching English in Korean schools for approximately 20 weeks.

For an application or to ask questions, contact Dr. Wetsel. Put "Korea" in the subject line.

The Best Part

  • The Let’s TALK Program pays all travel expenses!
  • Monthly stipend: 1.5 million Korean won (about $1500)
  • Round trip airfare
  • Housing
  • Settlement allowance (300,000 Korean won—about $300); Note: this is a one-time amount to help you get set up in Korea (like purchase a toaster, etc.)
  • Health Insurance
  • Vacation leave: 7 work days (six month contract), 14 work days (one year contract)
  • Opportunities for cultural experiences
  • Government scholarship certificate

Schedule for your Spring 2013 and Summer 2013 semesters

  • January - Classes here at the University of Central Oklahoma
  • February - Fly to Korea as a group with two faculty. They are there with you through the first week.
  • March - July is spent in the schools teaching English; faculty is in touch with you
  • July - Return to the US and to UCO for a follow-up session with the group

In addition to lasting memories and an experience in teaching English as a second language, you will have met the requirements to receive the Global Competencies Certification, which will give you an additional edge in the workplace upon graduation.