College of Fine Arts and Design


The Department of Dance offers two degree programs:

  (PDF) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (B.F.A.)

  (PDF) Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education (B.A. Ed.)

B.F.A. in Dance Performance

The Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Dance Performance focuses on four main areas of study: technique, movement analysis, choreography and methodology. Coursework includes advanced levels of technique in ballet, modern, and jazz as well as movement studies including Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Anatomy.

Required Core Courses

  • Performance: Modern, Ballet, Jazz Technique and Theory;
  • Choreography: Dance Improvisation, Rhythm Analysis and Dance Forms, Dance Composition I ⅈ 
  • Movement Analysis: Laban Movement Analysis, Applied Anatomy;
  • Teaching Methods: Materials and Methods in Dance, Practicum in Dance;
  • Other: History and Philosophy of Dance, Senior Project in Dance, Seminar in Dance, Production and Performance, Stage Lighting

B.A.Ed in Dance Education

The Dance Education degree provides a curriculum devoted to the preparation and training of dance educators in the public school setting. Students will be prepared to meet the dance education competencies as well as the general competencies for licensure and certification required of all teacher candidates. Coursework includes technique, theory, teaching methodology for elementary and secondary education, field experiences and student teaching.

Required Courses

  • Dance Technique in Modern
  • Ballet or Jazz
  • Laban Movement Analysis
  • Creative Dance for Children
  • Dance Improvisation
  • Rhythm Analysis & Dance Forms
  • Dance Composition I & II
  • History and Philosophy of Dance
  • Seminar in Dance
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Student Teaching K-12
  • Applied Anatomy
  • Production and Performance
  • Stage Lighting
  • Foundations of American Education/Field Experience
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Teaching Individuals with Disabilities
  • Technology for Teachers
  • Materials and Methods in Dance
  • Educational Assessment
  • Educational Psych/Field Experience
  • Classroom Management and Instruction