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Scholarships / Auditions

Scholarships / Tuition Waivers

In-state and out-of-state tuition waivers are available for UCO Dance majors. For in-state tuition waivers, a student must be an Oklahoma resident and enrolled in 12 credit hours.  For out-of-state students, there are tuition waivers to waive a portion of the out-of-state fees.

Dance scholarships, which are awarded following the spring auditions, are determined by talent, financial need and academic scholarship. There are also cash scholarships, which can assist with tuition and books:

Department of Dance Scholarships by Application

  • Hannah McCarty Performing Arts Scholarship for Theatre and Dance
  • Richard Denson Endowed Scholarship for Dance Education
  • Warren Armstrong Endowed Scholarship for Dance
  • Jamie Jacobson Endowed Memorial Dance Scholarship

Department of Dance Scholarships by Faculty Nomination

  • The Linda Cameron Scholarship for Dance
  • F. Ann Shanks Outstanding Performer in Dance Award
  • Lorraine Remmel Watson Endowed Scholarship
  • Kaleidoscope Dance Scholarship

We highly recommend that if you have a high G.P.A with outstanding academic credentials that you also apply for the various UCO Academic Scholarships–please note many of the deadlines are in February or March 1.  The following link will help you determine which scholarships are best suited to your needs: Scholarship Application Information

Department of Dance Auditions: February 17th, 2018

Auditions for the 2018-19 academic year will be held on Saturday, February 17, 1-5pm in the Mitchell Education Center, Room 218.

On-site Audition

The audition will consist of a ballet warm-up at the barre, followed by ballet, jazz and modern center work.  Be prepared to present a 1:00 minute solo if requested in either ballet, modern, or jazz.  We require a recent copy of your high school/college transcript, résumé, photo and 3 letters of recommendation.

The Dance Department strongly recommends that each prospective student attend the February 17th audition, however, if an out-of-state student is unable to attend, an audition video may be submitted for review.

For Audition information and registration, contact Michelle Moeller at:

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International Student Applications

The UCO Department of Dance encourages students from across the globe to apply to our diverse and inclusive dance program. For consideration, please mail a recent copy of your high school/college transcript, resume, photo and 3 letters of recommendation, as well as a Statement of Interest in the UCO Department of Dance.  Please include a DVD or flash drive of a Ballet Adagio and Grand Allegro, and a two-minute solo in the style of your choice.  You may also email these items to Michelle Moeller at

Click here for more information on UCO International Student Admissions

In addition, please visit the CFAD Scholarship Page to see what College and University scholarships you qualify for.