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Elective Opportunities

Music Electives

Need some credits? Interested in studying music but you aren't a music major? The courses listed below fall under the University Core Requirements and can be used as electives in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. These courses are a vital part of the School of Music’s mission to provide musical education to the campus community.

MUS 1113 - Intro to Basic Music Skills (Online)
A beginning course in the fundamentals of music, this course consists of a study of harmony, rhythm, music notation, and musical terminology, including learning the staff, notes, intervals, scales, modes, chords, keys and signatures, and develops a basic understanding of music notation and basic structures in music. This course will also introduce notation devices of popular and jazz music including chord symbols, lead sheets, and discuss modern computer applications for the production and scoring of music of all styles.

MUS 2123     Music Appreciation (Online)
This course is a global study of both vernacular and art music from antiquity through the twentieth century. It is geared for the novice listener and/or concert patron.

MUS 2133 - Western Music Appreciation
This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to
the heritage of western art music from the middle ages to the present. Within that period it covers major composers and compositions, instruments and ensembles, and styles and genres. The ultimate objective is to develop in students a life- enhancing appreciation for one of western civilizations major forms of personal and cultural expression.

MUS 2443 - History of Video Game Music
This course examines the genre of gaming music, the historical evolution of gaming music history, and function within the broader scope
of game audio. Students will learn to recognize common elements in gaming music and will use technology to create their own game music.

MUS 2483 - History of Rock and Roll
History of Rock and Roll examines the musical styles of contemporary popular music from its roots in Delta Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country and Western, and Rockabilly, the artists that represent these styles, and the cultural events and movements that have shaped, or have been shaped, by rock music.

MUS 2253 - Music in Film
Music in Film explores movie soundtracks as an appreciation of mu- sic. By tracing the evolution of film music from early film to present day cinema, students will learn methods for analyzing what is heard along with developing the ability to understand the unique styles of various film composers.

MUS 2423 - Native American Music
This course is an exploration of Native American music as an integral part of Native American life. The class will study both the history and the preservation and perpetuation of these traditional cultures in contemporary public and private context.

MUS 2243 - World Music
This course is a “journey” to ten regions of the World: Oceania, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, The Caribbean, South America and Mexico, Canada and the United States. This survey of diverse cultures and their music prior to contact with western media is the focus of the journey.

Other Musical Opportunities:

MPER 2101 - Edmond Community Chorale
This course is a town and gown chorale ensemble emphasizing the study and performance of major works from all periods of music, with and without orchestral accompaniment. Prerequisite(s): Ability to match pitch and written permission of instructor.

MPER 1232 - Class Guitar
This is an introductory, yet accelerated course designed for guitarists who lack formal training in popular accompaniment. The class explores accompaniment techniques (finger-style, strumming, damping and percussive devices, etc). In addition to technique, this course covers scale-chord theory and application, fretboard logic, and how to read/interpret the various contemporary guitar notation systems.