College of Fine Arts and Design

Chamber Music

The UCO School of Music recognizes the Chamber Music experience as an integral part of a musician's training.

Players in the various chamber ensembles usually focus on one-on-a-part performances, which allow the musicians to experience the highest levels of responsibility and flexibility. This type of individual performance responsibility helps the student musician to mature and grow, as they learn to function and perform like a professional. In addition, chamber ensembles allow students to experience music from every different compositional style period, from medieval and renaissance music to current pieces by living composers. The chamber ensembles function almost as a music "lab" experience, where the musicians can apply what they learn in theory and history.

These ensembles are not conducted, but rather, there is a unique rapport between the students and the faculty who "coach" them. Because of flexible size, instrumentation, personnel, and the high quality of the finest groups, many of these ensembles have the opportunity to perform in highly visible performance venues for influential audiences.

Studio Chamber Groups

These groups are fantastic opportunities for majors and non majors to work together with our esteemed faculty. Please feel free to contact the professors listed if you would like one of these groups to perform at your school or event.

The UCO Flute Choir, directed by Dr. Emily Butterfield, professor of flute, performs campus, school and community concerts. Students in the ensemble play concert flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. Repertoire from recent performances includes McMichael Rose Cottage, Glinka Oh, Little Apple, Boyce Symphony No. 1, Clarke Walk Like This, McGinty Greensleves, Schocker Flutes in the Garden, Red/Kile In Remembrance

Flute Choir

For more information please contact Dr. Emily Butterfield,


The UCO Percussion Consort, directed by Mr. David Hardman plays music written and arranged for the vast family of percussion instruments. From duos and trios to large works involving twelve or more players, the ensemble's repertoire reflects the history of percussion, as well as its place in the twenty-first century.  The Consort, founded in 2003 by David Hardman, UCO Director of Percussion Studies, performs regularly to large audiences at the UCO Jazz Lab and Mitchell Hall Theater on campus. 

As advocates of new music, the Consort has premiered two new works for percussion, and they frequently collaborate with other musicians, singers, and dancers.  They perform a feature concert each year at the Oklahoma Percussive Arts Society Festival, and appear at other venues around the state.  The UCO Percussion Consort is open to all UCO percussion majors and other UCO students with permission.

For more information please contact Mr. David Hardman,


The UCO Trombone Choir is directed by Jeff Kidwell. The ensemble is a natural extension of the trombone studio, implementing performance techniques and skills that are emphasized in applied study and lessons. Trombone Choir can be taken for credit, and the wide variety of traditional and contemporary jazz/pop/commercial literature that the group rehearses and performs builds and strengthens the trombone section in every large ensemble on campus. There is a great deal of camaraderie and collegial spirit among the players in the trombone studio and Trombone Choir. They have performed at International Trombonists Association conventions in Nashville, TN, Denton, TX, and Colorado Springs. Campus performances include special events and even student recitals. The group has an active performance schedule throughout the year in local Oklahoma City area venues, such as the Oklahoma Trombone Workshop in Norman, and the St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Rose State College.

For more information please contact Mr. Jeff Kidwell,


The Central Clarinet Choir, directed by Mrs. Jenny Rucker, adjunct instructor of clarinet, performs campus, school and community concerts. This ensemble combines UCO Students with Community Members through the Central Community Music School. Students in the ensemble play Bb, Eb Soprano, Bb Bass and Bb Contrabass.

For more information please contact Mrs. Jenny Rucker,


The UCO Keyboard Ensemble (Clavinorchestra) utilizes state-of-the-art Yamaha Clavinovas in combination with Steinway pianos.  Participating in the Clavinorchestra offers pianists the rare opportunity to experience endless variety of ensemble sounds, from classical to jazz, in multiple-keyboard groups of all sizes.

For more information, contact Dr. David Forbat


Chamber Music Initiative

These leadership groups are determined by audition and the groups selected perform on and off campus numerous times per semester. Music outreach is an important facet to our chamber music program--and many of these groups have performed in nursing homes, assisted living centers, as well as for elementary and middle schools. Through their study of chamber music these students learn valuable communication skills that will aid them in whatever career path they choose.