College of Fine Arts and Design


The ensembles in the UCO School of Music provide dynamic opportunities for performance by music majors as well as those students who wish to continue to develop their musical talents while majoring in other academic disciplines.

If you have a passion for music and you want a great place to explore it, we have a group for you.  From marching band, to symphony, to choir, to musical theatre, there is something for everyone here. The ensembles at the University of Central Oklahoma have a storied history of exceptional music making and collaboration. We welcome students of any major to participate in most ensembles on campus and hope that this website will provide an introduction to possibilities. If you would like additional information regarding a particular performing group, please follow one of the links to the left, which will provide you with contact information for the appropriate musical director. 

For further information please call the music office at (405) 974-5004.