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Cast photo of
Cast photo of "Dollhouse" by Rebecca Gilman, APO Production 2015


The purpose of the Lambda Rho Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is to stimulate interest in theatre activities, promote the theatre itself, and unify the department as a whole at the University of Central of Oklahoma. By electing students to membership, the society provides a reward to students for their participation and dedication to the department. The chapter is not intended to take the place of any existing theatre organization.

Reasons to Join

  • Recognition of accomplishments from the National Honor Society
  • Networking opportunities
  • Project Management opportunities
  • Voting member of End-of-Year Award Ceremony
  • APO funding awards to help students complete career related activities

APO Events

Each year a number of events are sponsored by APO.  Listed below are a few of the events that APO supports.

  • Beginning of the year Mixer
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Brawnies’ End of Year Celebrations and Award Ceremony
  • Student produced work

APO's Spring 2016 inductee's
APO's Spring 2016 inductees

Officers of Alpha Psi Omega

If you would like to become an Officer discuss with the current Officers and/or Faculty Advisor the job description and responsibilities of the position.  Submit your name as a candidate.  New officers are appointed through a vote from APO members.

How to become a Member

To be eligible for membership in the Lambda Rho of Alpha Psi Omega the student must:

  • Be regularly enrolled at the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher in all course work and a 2.75 GPA or higher in Theatre Arts course work.
  • Participate in a variety of collegiate theatrical endeavors: acting, directing, playwriting, front-of-house management, technical theatre, dramaturgy, production research, and other appropriate theatre responsibilities).
  • Earn the requisite number of points
  • Remit a one-time national due payable to the National APO Office within two weeks of the induction.
  • Remit a one-time $5.00 due to APO’s local Lambda Rho chapter at UCO.
  • Pass requisite tests at the Induction Ceremony.

Current APO Officers can be found on UCO’s ORG Sync site.

National APO Office

Faculty Advisor

Professor Angela Marks Hawthorne and Associate Professor Emily Heugatter.

If you have questions about the University of Central Oklahoma’s Chapter, please contact Angela Marks Hawthorne at or Emily Heugatter at