College of Fine Arts and Design

For Faculty and Staff

This section serves the College of Fine Arts and Design faculty and staff and is subject to change.  Additions and revisions are made periodically.

CFAD Mission Statement:

The College of Fine Arts and Design prepares creative individuals to become leaders, professionals and educators through innovative, diverse, and collaborative transformative experiences. CFAD serves as the gateway to the University’s Cultural Life through performances, exhibitions, working studios and outreach programs. Our connection with the greater metropolitan area engages students in the local, national and global Arts and Design communities. 

CFAD Strategic Plan 2015-2016

Transformative Learning

For our majors
• Provide funds for student travel
• Provide guest artists for performances and master classes

For non-majors
• Expand offerings for non-majors
• Partner with other units to create support courses
• Keep Mitchell Hall Theatre, Jazz Lab, ACM & Galleries free for students

For the community
• Find new performance/exhibition spaces in the metro
• Create a collaborative lab with faculty, students and community members

Student Success

For our majors
• Increase the number of TA’s
• Create a Peer tutoring/mentoring program
• Provide Student Success Advisors

For non-majors
• Create significant TL experiences in the STLR
• Support learning in other disciplines with specific support courses and free performances/exhibitions for students


For faculty and staff
• Create acceptable workloads for faculty and staff by hiring qualified staff and additional faculty

For students
• Create better learning experiences at performances/exhibits

For the community
• Provide performances and exhibits in metro venues and underserved communities


• Address health and safety issues in the Art and Design building, the Music building, and ACM
• Begin program for a new building where the “Barn,” stands by identifying critical needs
• Continued renovation of classroom and performance spaces

Off campus
• Move the Design program to the metro
• Create custom education for downtown
• Create a plan to utilize the CHK UCO Boathouse venue
• Find/Rehab a larger performance venue in the metro