College of Fine Arts and Design

Galleries and Collections

Galleries and Collections

The University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Arts and Design boasts several venues where students can either display their own work or experience the work of nationally and internationally renowned artists. Headed by our Director of Galleries and Collections, Zina Gelona, each space offers its own unique educational and cultural experience through its variety of exhibits. For more information, email Ms. Gelona at or call (405) 974-2432.

Our Galleries include:

Donna Nigh Gallery, 4th Floor, Nigh University Center
Donna Nigh Gallery Exhibit Hall, 3rd Floor, Nigh University Center
Design Gallery, Art and Design Building
Evans Hall Interior Design Gallery

Our Collections include:

Archives Photography Collection

African Art Collection
The Bob Burke Collection
Mather Work Incentive Poster Collection
Melton Legacy Collection
The Silver Screen Collection
TC Cannon Collection
The Thatcher Collection
The Will Rogers Room Collection