UCO Natural History Museum

UCO Natural History Museum Information

The biological collections at the University of Central Oklahoma (located in Edmond, OK) contain over 44,000 specimens. These specimens are used for teaching, research, and outreach and are housed at Howell Hall. Clink on the links below to discover more about our collections.

Please contact Lynda Loucks at lloucks@uco.edu with further questions.

Early UCO Museum Specimens

This photograph, from 1913, shows some of the specimens that were created for a class on taxidermy. Some of these specimens are still present in UCO's Museum of Natural History today, more than a century later.

This is a diagram that lists the name and location of all the taxidermy that can be found on the walls of the Howell Hall Atrium as donated by the Alexander Nick Estate.


This is what the atrium wall looks like with all the mounted specimens.