Dr. Jim Bidlack


Jim Bidlack is a Biology Professor at UCO, specializing in Plant Anatomy and Physiology. 
After completing his education at three major Research Institutes (B.S. Purdue University, 1984; M.S.,
University of Arkansas, 1986; Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1990), Dr. Bidlack became a Faculty Member at
UCO in 1990, teaching General Biology,Plant Biology, Plant Anatomy, and Plant Physiology.  He has since
authored dozens of refereed publications and is Co-Author of the well-known, Stern’s Introductory Plant Biology,
now in its 14th Edition.  Dr. Bidlack’s Research Group is currently working on conversion of light
energy into usable energy with photosynthetic pigments, mechanisms of gene transfer in bacteria, optimization of
crop biofuel production, and secondary plant metabolism.  Dr. Bidlack is also President of Metabolism
Foundation and Vice President of The Genome Registry. 

For more information, go to Dr. Bidlack’s commercial website at http://metabolism.net/bidlack/