Dr. Troy Baird

Dr. Baird holding a lizard with a forked tail

My research program uses both experimental and comparative approaches to test
competing hypotheses pertinent to the adaptive significance of the behavior of vertebrate animals.
Most studies involve free-ranging animals in the field, but I also have experience conducting
laboratory studies. In Oklahoma, my primary study system is a local population of eastern collared
lizards (28 consecutive seasons), but I have also studied other Oklahoma populations of this same species,
other lizards in Australia and Bonaire, and my past background includes behavioral research on
marine fishes in the Caribbean and Pacific Northwest. My research program on collared lizards
in particular offers opportunities for involvement by ambitious, hard-working students as
evidenced by successful participation by over 50 undergraduates, and completion of masters degrees
by eight graduate students. Interested students are encouraged to examine my recent published
papers (list of publications and links to PDF’s provided below), contributed chapters, and my
curriculum vitae for a complete list of citations. 



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