Dr. Caroline Bentley

Dr. Caroline Bentley

I am an Associate Professor of Biology and the Health Professions Advisor at UCO. After
graduating from high school in Michigan, I attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK where I majored
in biology with a pre-med concentration, but I also took several classes in Marine Biology as that has always been
an interest. As an undergraduate, I was certified as an Advanced NAUI and PADI SCUBA diver, and continue to dive
when I can.

I attended graduate school at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary for a
Masters in Marine Science degree. For my thesis, I was able to combine my interest in microbiology with marine
animals in a project studying a parasite of the eastern oyster. After obtaining my master’s degree, I completed
a doctoral program at the School of Fisheries at the University of Washington in Seattle. My PhD research focused
on a bacterial pathogen of salmon using both molecular and histopathology methods to better understand the
virulence mechanisms used by this pathogen.

For a post-doctoral fellowship I moved to a small town near Versailles, France to work with a team investigating
the immune mechanisms used by trout during viral infection. After the post-doctoral fellowship, I accepted a
position on a molecular biology team working for a biotech company called the American Type Culture Collection
(ATCC) in Manassas, Virginia. Following that, I began my teaching career.  In addition to teaching and research,
I work with students wanting to attend medical, dental, PA, or other graduate programs in class advisement,
interview preparation, helping them find shadowing and volunteer opportunities all with the goal of helping them
be a competitive applicant.


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