Dr. Michelle Haynie 

Dr. Haynie doing field research

I am a Professor of Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma. I was born in Wichita,
Kansas, and grew up in the small town of Haysville, Kansas. I earned my B.S. in Zoology from
Oklahoma State University, where I got involved in undergraduate research. I primarily worked on a
project examining genetic diversity in endangered pupfish populations from California. I remained at
OSU for my M.S. degree. My thesis research focused on parentage, genetic reproductive success, and
multiple paternity rates in two species of prairie dogs. I obtained my Ph.D. from Texas Tech University,
where I studied genetic diversity and population genetic structure in four species of woodrats from
the southwestern U.S. After graduating with my Ph.D., I accepted the position of Laboratory Manager
at the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics in Washington, D.C.
I remained at the position for 15 months, before I returned to Oklahoma to begin working at UCO. My husband,
an IT Specialist who works at OSU, and I have two daughters. I enjoy sports, both playing (pretty much anything)
and watching (again, pretty much anything, but English Premiere League soccer in particular). I started crossfit in
2012 and now go to a crossfit gym five times a week. In my free time, particularly over breaks, I enjoy reading,
working jigsaw puzzles, and playing board and card games. I recently have become interested in
astronomy as a hobby.     


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