M.S. Thesis Projects

Dr. Michelle Haynie:

Former M.S. Students:

Hoss, Sarah G.  Thesis title: Genetic variation at major histocompatibility complex loci in Neotoma albigula (white-throated woodrat): Potential clues to the evolution of North American arenaviruses.  Graduated 2012.

Current M.S. Students:

Coffman, Cristina N.  Thesis title: Cryptic species and contact zones: Using molecular markers to assess Geomys (pocket gopher) genetic diversity in Oklahoma.

Kimmel, Laura B.  Thesis title: Phylogeography of Sonoran mud turtles in a fragmented landscape.  Co-advised with Dr. Paul Stone.

Meyer, Kristy L.  Thesis title: Reexamination of a known Geomys (pocket gopher) contact zone in Cleveland Co., Oklahoma, using molecular markers.

Vrla, Sarah C.  Thesis title: Analysis of the visual system of the banner-tailed kangaroo rat (Dipodomys spectabilis): Assessing the potential for UV vision.

Dr. Troy Baird:

Former M.S. Students:

Braun. C.A. 2016. Effects of habitat complexity on socio-spatial behavior and mating system dynamics in collared lizards. T.A. Baird thesis advisor.

York, J.R. 2014. Sexual selection, alternative reproductive tactics, and sexual conflict in collared lizards: Integration of molecular and behavioral ecology. T.A. Baird, thesis advisor.