Biology courses which may be used as Capstone Experience

BIO 4871 – Senior Seminar:  Evolutionary Medicine.  This course will introduce students to topics regarding evolutionary medicine to gain a further appreciation on the impact of evolution on human health and disease.  The course will consist of short lectures, literature reviews and class discussions.   A comprehensive written paper on evolutionary medicine is required.  Prerequisite(s):  Senior standing with 90 credit hours or more, including BIO 3703.  Enrollment open to Biology and Biomedical majors only. As a student, you will ENROLL in BIO 4871 for a capstone experience and also ENROLL in BIO 4840 to receive credit for the capstone experience. Find the Evolutionary Medicine Capstone Contract here.

BIO 4012 - Introduction to Biological Research. This course guides students in designing a research project, writing a proposal, and conducting and reporting research. Additionally, students learn to search the biological literature and critically evaluate published research papers. Emphasis is also placed on the development of written and oral communication skills. An individual research project is required. Find the Intro to Biological Research Capstone Contract here.  

BIO 4930 - Individual Study. This course would include activities resulting in an oral or poster presentation at a conference, co-authorship on a peer reviewed article submission, or the submission of an on- or off-campus grant.  Must be arranged with and approved by the individual faculty members and are limited.

BIO 3000, Workshop in Biology – not always offered

BIO 3990, Advanced Topics in Biology – not always offered

BIO 4900, Practicum in Biology – not always offered

BIO 4920, Workshop in Biology – not always offered

BIO 4950, Internship. Description TBD

BIO 4960, Institute in Biology – not always offered

BIO 4970, Study Tour. – not always offered

To qualify for this option, the student must complete a Capstone Contract Form which indicates that the student is enrolling in one of the above courses which if successfully completed will count as the capstone experience.  The Capstone Contract Form must be on file with Capstone Coordinator before student is allowed to enroll in BIO 4840.

****A maximum of 2 credit hours of the courses listed above, whether taken in conjunction with the capstone experience or not, will apply to the 67 credit hours required for the major except when BIO 4012 is chosen.  If BIO 4012 is chosen as the capstone experience, an additional 2 credit hours may be taken.

**** The possibility of receiving transfer credit for a capstone course taken at another university will have to be approved by the Chairperson of the Biology Department.