Dr. John Bowen

Dr. John Bowen - Analytical Chemistry


 In addition to refining the Quantitative Analysis class to make it into a class that incorporates a large writing component and a component that requires research and development of an analytical method, I am also pursuing two research projects with four undergrads and three high school volunteers.  The first project involves the development of a paper based biosensor in collaboration with Prof Lavine at OSU and Dr Wilson of the USDA Arthropod Research Lab in Manhattan KS and Dr Brennan and Dr Tappert of USO Biology.  This is currently funded by a small grant that supports one undergrad.  The biosensor is based on the concept of George Whitesides of Harvard and will be able to identify and differentiate between antibodies for Blue Tongue disease and EHDV in sheep.  We will present our preliminary data in two presentations at the ACS National meeting in Dallas in March.  The second project investigates the occurrence of phthalate ester endocrine disrupting compounds in natural and potable waters in Oklahoma.  This project involves two of the undergraduate students, and a part of it will be the subject of a Directed Research project for Spring 2014.  We also plan to present our preliminary data at the ACS meeting.  I am currently working on three papers of undergraduate research for publications.

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