Dr. Mike Jezercak

Dr. Mike Jezercak - Physical Chemistry


Dr. Jezercak is the resident physical chemistry and handles the upper division courses Physical Chemistry I and II sequence including laboratory and also the Introductory Physical Chemistry course. He has been at UCO since 1989 and has developed and taught courses in Chemical Calculations and Chemistry for Engineers.

Some research projects he's explored with our undergraduates include the exploration of the kinetics of the Cr(IV) - Glutathione system in order to alter the system parameters so as to push the reaction from pseudo-order into steady state conditions, construction of 2-D IRC diagrams from ab initio calculations along with a spline fit. If accomplished, then surfaces over which the minimum energy path between a configuration will be seen and provide a visual tool for the instruction of reaction mechanisms. An upcoming project Mathcad implementation of semiclassical wave packet scattering.  He houses his instructional web page which can be accessed below.

Dr. Mike Jezercak Web Page