Need to voice a concern or complaint about a chemistry course?

The best way to resolve any conflict is through the proper process. You will be more likely to be able to have your concerns addressed if you work from the instructor level. If you cannot resolve your issues with your instructor, then you may proceed according to the guide below.

Course Concerns or Complaints

  1. Talk to your instructor first. Make an appointment during his or her office hours to discuss your concern. Be prepared. If your concern is about a grade, be sure to bring in your papers. If you are nervous, write out your concerns first so you'll remember the points you want to make.

  1. If you are still unsatisfied, you can talk to the department chair. The Chemistry Department administrative assistant in HOH 314 can make an appointment for you. Call the Chemistry Department at 974-5732. Bring any notes or papers that are pertinent, as well as your course syllabus.

    If you remain unsatisfied after you speak to both your instructor and the department chair, you have further options.

  1. If you are still unsatisfied with an assigned grade:

    A.) The next step involves a formal grade appeal. The procedures are explained in the UCO Catalog.

    B.) If you remain unsatisfied with something other than a grade, you can talk to the College of Math and Science Dean. Call the CMS Dean's Office at 974-2723 to make an appointment to speak with the dean.