Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research (CIBER)

Within the UCO College of Mathematics and Science, there are numerous faculty members from different departments with a wealth of talent and knowledge in various areas of biomedical and health science research. Over the past several years these researchers have continually demonstrated their productivity by publishing in scientific journals, actively participating in Oklahoma INBRE, and securing internal and external funding for their research. UCO has established a Center that will provide a dynamic environment for faculty to expand their research, and attract talented undergraduate and graduate students. There is a compelling need to solve complex social and biomedical problems that are crucial to human welfare and society in general and that requires more broadly trained scientists with multidisciplinary perspectives that include physical, mathematical, social, and biological sciences. Accordingly, the Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research (CIBER) is dedicated to interdisciplinary biomedical and health science education and research. 


This center will promote and develop:

  • Socially and ethically responsible scientists capable of contributing to solutions for health problems that confront modern society;
  • Interaction and collaboration among faculty members and among faculty and students;
  • Problem-solving skills in the context of hypothesis-driven research;
  • Technical and analytical research skills;
  • The enhancement of biomedical and health science educational programs;
  • Collaboration with local and state biomedical and health science industries and research institutions to create educational and employment opportunities for students; and
  • Community involvement and outreach services.

CIBER White Paper

Inaugural CIBER Symposium 2014

2nd Annual CIBER Symposium 2015

3rd Annual CIBER Symposium 2016

4th Annual CIBER Symposium 2017


Dr. Wei Chen, Director  

Dr. Robert Brennan, Co-Director

Dr. Nesreen Alsbou

Dr. Brittany Bannish    

Dr. Kanika Bhargava

Dr. Jim Bidlack   

Dr. Lilian Chooback  

Dr. Eric Eitrheim    

Dr. Jicheng Fu       

Dr. Robi Hossan       

Dr. Yuhao Jiang       

Dr. Morshed Khandaker       

Dr. Hari Kotturi

Dr. Sean Laverty    

Dr. Scott Mattison         

Dr. Cynthia Murray         

Dr. Gang Qian        

Dr. Nikki Seagraves        

Dr. Mel Vaughan    

Dr. Amanda Waters      

Dr. Gang Xu