Buddy Supercomputer

Buddy is a 37-node supercomputer funded by the National Science Foundation You can see some details here

Buddy is being used for both research and education. Research includes projects on particle transport, micromixing, stochastic modeling, ecological modeling, bio-informatics and spread of disease.

Here is Buddy.

Access to Buddy

If you are a faculty member or student working on a project at UCO, you can access Buddy. Please send an email to cmstech@uco.edu to request an account. Please include your "uco" email address.

Once you have an account and follow a few steps you can access Buddy from anywhere!

Setting up your Computer

We use a public/private key infrastructure to secure Buddy. There are a few steps to getting this setup on your computer. Download the document for your operating system:



Please follow all directions in the document you downloaded.

You also should setup your "hosts" file - which tells your operating system Buddy's ip address:



Note this typically requires have administrative rights on the machine you are using.

Remote Access with a Web Browser (EQueue)

You can do quite a few things with Buddy using a web browser. The access is through software called Equeue.

Documentation to get Equeue up is here.

Using R-Studio on Buddy

Documentation to use RStudio on Buddy is here.