PSM 5013 Computational Science for Professionals I

Fall 2018 at UCOdowntown

Instructor: Sezin Kadioglu, Ph.D., PSM Instructor

This course focuses on basics of computational techniques for modeling, simulation, and analysis applied to realistic problems. Students will not only learn computational techniques, but gain experience in appropriately communicating quantitative results in a professional manner. The course culminates in a poster session where posters will be assessed by metro OKC industry leaders.

UCO Graduate Credit may be earned for your current or planned graduate degree. Undergraduates nearing completion of their degrees may enroll in this course as well. Please contact Evan Lemley ( for help with enrollment.

Computational Topics

  1. System Dynamics (~30%)

  2. Error and Error Propagation (~20%)

  3. Euler’s Method and Runge-Kutta (~20%)

  4. Empirical Data (~20%)

  5. Modeling with Randomness/Stochastic Processes (~10%)

Examples of Problems:

Modeling Drug Concentration in Blood for Single and Repeated Doses,

Modeling the Carbon Cycle,

Spread of SARS,

Unconstrained Growth and Decay,

Modeling Spread of Forest Fires,

Simulating radiation transport.

Full Syllabus