The Center for Research and Education in Interdisciplinary Computation (CREIC)

Currently at UCO there are a number of faculty members who are conducting research projects and teaching courses that require computational knowledge and tools.  These dedicated faculty members are currently engaging students in and out of the classroom in computational projects.  The results of these projects are disseminated at regional, national, and international conferences as well as in scholarly journals.  Computational techniques have become an essential part of these research, educational, and applied projects.  Diverse projects in molecular interaction modeling, DNA protein sequence mapping, severe weather prediction, complex electrical circuit design, data mining, and public health decision-making, all have significant computational components. The Center for Research and Education in Interdisciplinary Computation, CREIC, serves as a much needed technical resource for diverse and interdisciplinary research and educational projects requiring advanced computational facilities and support.

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CREIC Goals:

  • Research Education - Train the next generation of scientists, engineers, and other computational practitioners.
  • Attract Top Notch Faculty and Students - Well-supported HPC Research Equipment attracts faculty and students who want to use HPC to solve problems at the leading edge of their fields.
  • Faculty Research Productivity - Enable and support the continued and growing success of UCO faculty to conduct student-centered research and seek competitive federal, and other external, funding.
  • Return on Investment - HPC centers are typically self-sufficient and attract new funding opportunities.
  • Student Retention - Undergraduate students engaged in transformative research projects are more likely to complete their bachelor’s degrees and more likely to attend graduate school.
  • Interdisciplinary Programs - Research “cross-training” in different disciplines is becoming standard in many graduate programs.  This center and its outreach programs will complement existing interdisciplinary efforts on campus and allow more interactions for students and faculty from a variety of disciplines.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Enhancement - This center will offer training and generally complement and expand the opportunities for students and faculty in existing STEM programs at UCO (such as CURE-STEM, CIBER, and the NSF Bridge Programs).

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For more information, please contact:

Evan Lemley, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, College of Mathematics and Science
Director, CREIC - Center for Research and Education in Interdisciplinary Computation
Professor, Department of Engineering and Physics
University of Central Oklahoma