Living Central Impacts Oklahoma's Leadership as a "STEM Hub"

UCO Natural History MusuemStudents at the ancient library of Pergamum

  • Undergraduate Research
    The college is the forerunner in our state to encourage and promote the hands-on experience undergraduate research adds to our transformative learning efforts. Not only does it allow our students the ability to demonstrate their passion early on in their educational careers, but it also impacts our retention rates and student admittance into graduate or professional schools.

  • Biomedical Focused Disciplines and Allied Health Professions
    As we continue to excel in student-centered research at Central, a number of faculty from different disciplines have banded together working on related problems centered around inter-disciplinary biomedical research areas such as cancer or heart disease. The Center for Inter-disciplinary Biomedical Education and Research (CIBER) brings Central's biomedical and health science faculty together for joint research activities, seminars, and shared resources.  At the same time, we continue to produce one of the highest acceptance rates of Oklahoma undergraduate students to medical schools with our fine preparation of students for the health professions and doubling the number of graduates from the Nursing Department during the last five years.

  • UCO Natural History Museum
    The Natural History Museum houses significant collections of plants, fungi, birds, mammals, herbarium, and invertebrates. The collection dates all the way back to 1913 and serves as one of  Oklahoma's oldest natural history collections. It preserves a significant historic state, national and international collection, while sharing the story of the ever-changing natural world with students, educators and researchers in our state, nation and beyond.

  • Funeral Service
    Central is home to one of only four accredited funeral service programs in the nation. The program granted its first degrees in 1963, and continues to be the leader in the nation's funeral service industry.  We continue to lead the way in fulfilling the needs of the people of Oklahoma by providing unique and specialized programs.

  • K-12 Education
    As the metropolitan university in the state, we take seriously our role in strengthening the sciences within our school systems and bridging the transition from primary to secondary education. The college is invested through several summer and school-round programs that promote the STEM disciplines within the Oklahoma school-system, for example hosting the Central Oklahoma Regional Science Fair for over 52 years, securing funding to provide summer bridge programs in engineering, and offering week-long summer academies in engineering physics and chemistry.

We Live, We Give, We Are... CENTRAL

Our vision for the College of Mathematics and Science - one that you can help mold - is one of innovation and transformation.  We are committed to Live Central by striving to be a place where:

  • Oklahoma's students flourish in our classrooms and are given the knowledge and inspiration to continue their journey on to graduate programs or professional employment.

  • Excellent faculty members are supported in their research and collaborations with undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industry colleagues.

  • Our classrooms continue to be student-centered with small class sizes that allow faculty to engage directly with students.

  • Faculty and students are working together in state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms.

TurkeyDr. Chen working with students