Summer/Fall 2019 Advisement

  • Dates: Regular Advisement: March 25th, 2019, through April 19th 2019, (4 weeks) 

  • Who:   ALL Engineering and Physics and Biomedical Engineering Students

  • ALL Engineering, Physics and Biomedical Engineering undergraduate students will have to be advised by faculty in the Engineering and Physics department before enrolling for the Summer and/or Fall 2019 semester.

  • A hold will be placed on your account barring you from registering until you are advised by a faculty advisor in the Engineering and Physics Department in HOH 221.

  • You must declare a major in the Engineering and Physics Department to get advised. Follow the below links to find the instructions on how to change your major, as well as how to get advised.

  • The EP-Mechanical Engineering and EP-Electrical Engineering degree programs are now accredited by ABET as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. EP-Mechanical Systems and EP-Electrical Systems have been discontinued.  All students in a discontinued major are strongly encouraged to change to the new major so that ‘EP-Mechanical Engineering’ or ‘EP-Electrical Engineering’ will be on their transcript, resulting in full benefit from the new accreditation.  Engineering faculty advisors will be checking during Fall advisement to make sure that every student has changed to the new major. Our goal is to have no students remaining in the discontinued majors.  Students who have been in the ES or MS major for over six years should consult their engineering advisor.

Forms and Material:


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