Mission of the Board

The mission of the Advisory Board is to provide input on the issues of importance to the Department's overall mission in education, research, and professional service in order to properly serve students' needs and the needs of the community that UCO serves.

Changes to Bylaws

Changes to these Bylaws may be suggested by any board member. Any suggested changes will be incorporated following majority approval at a formal meeting of the Advisory Board.

Board Meetings

Formal meetings shall occur at least annually. The Faculty Liaison and Board Chair will determine the date, time, and location of the meeting. An agenda will be prepared and followed, and minutes of the meeting will be taken and approved by the board. Meetings will be conducted to facilitate the free flow of information.

Responsibilities of the Board

Provide advice and assistance to the Department in the following activities and goals

            1. Curricular and program review.

            2. Assessments of program effectiveness.

            3. Linkage with industry, alumni, and friends of the department.

            4. Placement of students in internships and permanent employment.

            5. Transfer technology from faculty research programs to industry.

            6. Enhance private, state, and federal funding.

            7. Communication with neighboring universities and colleges.

Board Membership and Terms 


The membership of the Advisory Board, which will be honorary, will consist of at least nine members. The membership should include representatives from the following entities.

1. Department of Engineering and Physics at UCO (serving as the Faculty Liaison)

2. Technical organizations in the metropolitan Oklahoma City area

3. Technical corporations in the metropolitan Oklahoma City area

4. Federal and state government organizations in the metropolitan Oklahoma City area that employ engineers and scientists.

5. Other institutions of higher learning

Additionally, at the discretion of the Faculty Liaison and Advisory Board Chair, members may be solicited from entities not falling within the above descriptions.


1. Board members shall serve two-year terms. Terms may be renewed with the concurrence of the member, the Faculty Liaison, and the Advisory Board.

2. Appointment and removal of membership shall be recommended by the Faculty Liaison and approved by the Advisory Board. Attachment 1 Revised Bylaws

3. If a board member cannot complete a term a replacement shall be appointed, provided there is at least one full year remaining in the term.

4. The Advisory Board Chair and Vice Chair will be selected by the Board Membership.