UCO Funeral Service Education Frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between the Bachelor's Degree,  Certificate Program, and FD Only Licensure?

The degree of education required for licensing varies by state.  The Bachelor's Degree in Funeral Service from UCO meets or exceeds the educational portion of licensing requirements for all states. The Certificate in Funeral Service alone does not meet licensing requirements in Oklahoma in addition to other states.  The Certificate is comprised of less hours than the Bachelor's Degree but in some cases, when transferring in credit hours it may take a similar amount of hours to complete the advanced degree.  The Certificate does not contain as many Core and Elective hours as the Bachelor's Degree.  The majority of students attending UCO are pursuing the Bachelor's Degree option.  Students should check on the state requirements for the state within which they intend to practice prior to choosing their course of study. Oklahoma also has a Funeral Director Only licensure option.  They require a list of courses be completed prior to application for this licensure.  The courses are contained in the Bachelor's Degree requirements. 

I am from out of state or need to limit my commute to campus, can I complete the coursework online?

A majority of coursework may be completed with distance options. We have graduated several students wanting to complete their licensure out of state, feel free to contact us directly to discuss your particular circumstance and  Please follow this link or visit the tab titled Distance Education/Online Options

How do I enroll in the Funeral Service Program?

Please follow the step by step instructions under "Admissions" on our home page for admission requirements to the University of Central Oklahoma and the Funeral Service Department.  Your first step is applying to UCO and then declaring Funeral Service as your major.

I want to be a funeral director only or I am only interested in embalming.  Can I get a degree in one or the other?

The Oklahoma Funeral Board approved a Funeral Director only licensure option in November 2017.  UCO Funeral Service does offer the courses required for this licensure. To receive the Certificate or Bachelor's Degree at UCO all coursework for both funeral directing and embalming is required.  You are also required to take both portions of the National Board Exam, the Science exam and the Art exam.  In Oklahoma passing the Science exam is required to obtain an Embalming license, and passing the Arts exam is required to obtain a Funeral Director's license.

I am a transfer student or I am planning on attending another college to receive my core credits.  How do I know which courses will transfer and from what schools?

If you have questions about transferring to UCO you may find this link helpful or contact Academic Advisement.

Do you admit students for both Fall and Spring semesters?

Yes.  You may enter as a funeral service student in either the spring, fall , or summer semester however course options are reduced in the summer. 

Is there a student organization associated with Funeral Service in which I can get involved ?

Yes!  Sigma Phi Sigma is the Funeral Service co-ed fraternity.  This group has social events, attends conventions, takes trips, and organizes community service events. 

My questions were not answered here who may I contact?

Use this link for More FAQ's about UCO admissions,enrollment,financial aid, graduation,degree checks, etc.

Please contact funeralservice@uco.edu or (405) 974-5001 if you are needing further information.  We would be happy to answer your questions.