The University of Central Oklahoma has a rich tradition of service to the educational needs of the people of Oklahoma.

The university, first established as a Territorial Normal School by the Territorial Legislature on December 24, 1890, was redesignated by the legislature as Central State Normal School in 1904, and in 1919 was changed to Central State Teacher's College. In 1939 it became Central State College. On April 13, 1971, the name was officially changed to Central State University and since July 1, 1991 the institution has been known as the University of Central Oklahoma

In 1966 the first Bachelor of Science degree was granted in the area of Funeral Service.

Since that time, over 1000 students, both men and women, have graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in the Funeral Service area. Today, the University of Central Oklahoma remains a leader in the training of funeral service professionals.