Scholarship Information

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Please be aware that some scholarship information may be provided by entities other than the Department of Funeral Service. Said entities may not have provided the most current scholarship information and/or application forms. It is the responsibility of each student to contact the donor entity for the most current forms. Be certain to check the due dates for any scholarships. Click on the hyperlinks below for more information

UCO Department of Funeral Service Scholarship Information

Please review all of the opportunities at this link.  You may qualify for a departmental scholarship, a college of math and science scholarship or a University wide scholarship.

University of Central Oklahoma Scholarship Information

University Scholarships

UCO Foundation Scholarships

Financial Aid

National Scholarships

Service Corporation International Scholarship Application 

National Funeral Director's Association Professional Women's Conference Scholarship

National Scholarship Program of the American Board of Funeral Service Education (Click here for general Information)

NFDA Funeral Service Foundation (Scholarship Information)

100 Black Women of Funeral Service Scholarship   Selected Trust Second Career Scholarship   Newcomer Funeral Service Group Scholarships National Board Exam Scholarship Order of the Golden Rule Scholarships

State Scholarships

Check with the state association in which you intend to practice. Most offer a scholarship if you are returning to the state after graduation.

The scholarship information found within this website and related links represents information provided to the UCO Department of Funeral Service by scholarship providers.  UCO makes best efforts to provide the most up-to-date scholarship information.    Always contact the scholarship provider for updated information on scholarship availability.