Admission to the University of Central Oklahoma and the Department of Funeral Service

First you must Complete the process for admission to The University of Central Oklahoma by submitting an application.

Once accepted, you will proceed to declare Funeral Service as your major.

Click on the following link for the University online application:

Questions about transferring courses from another institution?

If you are transferring courses from another Institution you may find this link helpful.

(Once admitted advisement will review your transcripts and meet with you about which courses will be accepted for credit towards your degree.)

Contact the Department of Funeral Service or 405-974-5001

  More Helpful Links: 

Tuition Calculator

 Use the link to estimate your Tuition costs. You will plug in Undergraduate hours. (The Bachelor's Degree totals 124 credit hours. You can also calculate by semester (full time is 12 hours or more) or plug in 1 to get per credit hour cost)

Review the programs offered by the Department of Funeral Service