Department of Funeral Service
Advisory Board

The mission of the Department of Funeral Service is to meet and exceed the accreditation standards as prescribed by the American Board of Funeral Service Education, to furnish the curriculum content necessary for students to be successful in state and national board licensing examinations, to give a broad expanse of learning experiences for the development of future leaders in the Funeral Service profession, and to elevate to professional status the career of Funeral Service.

To accomplish this mission, input from our industry partners is essential to guide program planning that will prepare our graduates in an ever-changing death care system.

The Funeral Service Advisory Board will be responsible for advising the department in terms of industry interests, needs, and resources relative to death care. The members of the board will provide input, feedback, and advice relative to both curriculum planning and program direction. They will serve as a liaison between funeral service education and practice.

An Advisory Board Meeting is currently being held in conjunction with our Career Fair now held in the Fall semester.  Tables are offered to professional partners to provide students with information and allow for networking opportunities in between and during class time.  A lunch with a state of the department update along with Q&A and feedback opportunities follows.  

The UCO Funeral Service department also hosts an OFDA district meeting to allow for discourse. 

for information on either of these opportunities email  405-974-5001 or follow us on Facebook UCO Department of Funeral Service.