Preparing for the Funeral Service National Board Exam

Plan Ahead:

Students should not register for the NBE until they are enrolled in Practicum and Board Review.  Practicum and Board Review are taken in the students final semester prior to graduation. Approval from the department to take the exam will not be granted until a student has met all requirements of the program and Board Review course.

This contains information about registering and taking the National Board Exam. Below are links to The Conference website and Pearson Vue website for exam registration for the National Board Exam.  

  • The Conference is the Examining Board and Pearson Vue is the third party that handles the testing.  It gets slightly confusing as you register with the Conference and schedule with Pearson Vue.
  • The first link you must verify that you have watched the video before it will take you to the page with the application form to register and pay. 
  • The second link details the steps before scheduling that you must complete, it includes the time frames, confirmation email info, etc. it also has a link for the candidate handbook.  I suggest you look that over as it details the exam process, what you need to bring, what you are and aren’t allowed to do, etc.
  • The third link is to the available test center options, this is the Pearson Vue site so you will find detailed information about exam preparation here as it relates to scheduling, etc.  
  • The fourth link is to the ADA accommodation request form if you have been testing in this manner previously.


Steps before scheduling

Pearson Vue  If the link takes you to the Pearson Vue home page you will need to select your program which is “The Conference (ICFSEB)” Here you will find testing information and on the right side of the page the available testing centers.

Test accommodation form

If you have trouble with any of the links you can go directly to The Conference website at there is a red bar at the top of the home page and you will see an option for examinations, when you roll over this you will see one of the choices is “national board exam” when you roll over this you will see choices for all of the above links in addition to sample questions, FAQ’s, etc.

You can submit your application and payment to sit for the NBE prior to being eligible, or "conditionally certified"*  You will need to do this well in advance of the day you intend to sit for the exam as it will take the Conference some time to process your information, payment and verify your eligibility. You have a year to schedule once you pay.