We are excited to have you here at the University of Central Oklahoma Department of Nursing!

Our Graduates

The first nursing class from the nursing department at the University of Central Oklahoma graduated in 1972.  Since that time over 3500 well qualified graduate nurses have entered the workforce!  Graduates of this program are known for being some of the best nurses in the state of Oklahoma and around the nation, and the UCO Department of nursing is proud to continue this tradition.

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Options Available

Students interested in earning a degree in nursing from the University of Central Oklahoma now have multiple options for their education.  The core of the program is the traditional four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the two year Master of Science in Nursing.  Building on these options is the RN to BS track for RNs who want to complete their Bachelor's degree in nursing. 

Find Out More!

For more information about the programs in the Nursing Department, check out the following pages:

To decide which program is right for you, see the Fast Facts for UCO Nursing Programs

We hope that if you are looking to begin your nursing career, continue your nursing career with a BS, or earn a Masters Degree in Nursing you will consider the University of Central Oklahoma.