Current Students

flu shotsWelcome to the Nursing Program!  If you have just started the program or if you are in your final year, this is an exciting time for you!  It may seem like a long time off, but it won't be long before you are ready to take the NCLEX and start your new jobs as RNs!

In the meantime, there are many things that you need to learn before you are ready to graduate from the nursing program.  Check out the BS Community page on D2L for information and announcements pertaining to the program.

If you have any questions regarding departmental policies, check out the Nursing Department Student Handbook.

If you are in the graduate program, you will want to read the Graduate Student Handbook.

Contact any of your class officers if you have questions regarding class activities.

For questions regarding the Student Nurses Association, see one of your SNA officers.

Do you have questions regarding your course work?  The course coordinators for your classes are:

Pre-Professional Courses

Professional Courses



Intro to Nursing:  Kathy Smith, Gina Wilson

Individual and Family Development:  Nelda Fister

Foundations: Nancy Dentlinger

Professional Courses

Junior 1

Junior 2

Med-Surg Nursing I:  Connie Harris, Gina Wilson

Psych - Mental Health Nursing:  Kathy Smith

Pharmacology I:  Kim Bryan

Maternal-Newborn Nursing:  Joyce Tow

Pediatric Child Health Nursing:  Kate Brashears

Med-Surg Nursing II:  Barbara Arnold

Senior 1

Senior 2

Care of Vulnerable Individuals:  Kathy Smith, Alana Anderson

High Acuity Nursing:  Nancy Gwin

Research/Evidence Based Practice:  Leann Laubach, Barbara Arnold

Community Health Nursing:  Pamela Rollins

Professional Nursing Leadership: Karen Vessier, Rachelle Burleson

Pharmacology II:  Kim Bryan