Nursing Faculty

Nursing FacultyThe faculty at the University of Central Oklahoma Nursing Department have a strong desire to prepare only the best nurses for the future of nursing. Several of these nurses are graduates of the University of Central Oklahoma and are proud to continue the traditions begun by their predecessors.

As active participants in the field of nursing, faculty members have a unique understanding of the needs for patient care in today's healthcare setting. In addition to full-time teaching jobs, many continue to hold positions in their areas of expertise and are active in community healthcare promotion. A strong foundation for nursing practice is represented by the desire to be active participants in research and the development of evidence based practice.

Not only are full-time faculty clinical experts, adjunct faculty members who teach in the clinical setting are as well. These experts strive to create a positive learning experience for each student. Their passion for excellence in nursing is evident in their ability to care for patients and in the willingness to share knowledge with students.