SI Information

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction or SI sessions are designed to enhance a student’s understanding of a course that has been flagged as historically difficult.  There are 2 one hour sessions a week.  Sessions are free to the student body and are provided by the department.  

Presently, the courses that are provided with a SI instructor are Biology 1 and 2, Cell Biology, Calculus 1, Chemistry 1 and 2, and Beginning Computer Programming.  Specific professors have a supplemental instructor attending their classes and providing sessions.  Students who are enrolled in the same course but under a different professor will still find these sessions beneficial and are encouraged to attend them.  Attendance is also kept confidential.

Please contact Jennie Allen, SI Coordinator for questions at

SI Testimonials

"Hello, my name is Jason Meyers and I am a computer science major and past supplemental instructor for beginning programming here at UCO. I am here to help any students who may find they are having difficulty with the concepts and implementation of beginning programming fundamentals or to answer general questions related to computer science. Hope to see you in my class!"

"Hello my name is Michael Moon and I think the SI sessions are extremely beneficial to me and the people who chose to go in the classroom. Alli Martin is a great SI and she knows how to break down hard material so even dummies like me can understand it. Thanks to the SI sessions I can have all my chemistry questions answered and I can study more efficiently. Thanks for taking your time to read this message."

Class SI Instructor Email Class Times Location
Biology I - Dr. Allan Justin Lawrence

Tuesday 8-9
Thursday 8-9

HOH 308
HOH 308

Biology I - Dr. Countaway Alain Kameni

Tuesday 10-11
Friday 8-9

HOH 308
HOH 308

Biology II - Dr. Olson Laurelyn Drescher

Thursday 2:50-3:50
Friday 2-3

HOH 158
HOH 158

Calculus I - Dr. Fulkerson Daniel Brumley

Tuesday 6-7
Friday 2

MCS 121
MCS 101

Calculus I -
Dr. Lane-Harvard
Alanna Riederer

Wednesday 3:30-4:30
Thursday 10-11

HOH 312
HOH 312

Cell Biology - Dr. Seagraves Jordan Guffey

Wednesday 8-9
Friday 2:30-3:30

HOH 308
HOH 306

Chemistry I - Dr. Frech Jane Jarshaw

Tuesday 4-5
Wednesday 6-7

HOH 312
HOH 312

Chemistry I - Dr. Gibson
and Ms. Fugate
Alli Martin

Monday 3-4
Thursday 3-4

HOH 218
HOH 213

Chemistry II - Dr. Frech Ben Grenier

Monday 6-7
Thursday 5-6

HOH 312
HOH 312

Computer Programming -
Mr. Gourley
Steven Chambers

Tuesday 8-9
Thursday 8-9

MCS 121
MCS 121

Student Instructions: Pictured left to right Alain Kameni, Daniel Brumley, Alanna Riederer

Pictured L to R: Alain Kameni, Daniel Brumley,
and Alanna Riederer

Pictured left to right Steven Chambers, Ben Grenier,Alli Martin, Jennie Allen

Pictured L to R: Steven Chambers, Ben Grenier,
Alli Martin, and Jennie Allen

Pictured Left to Right: Dr. Vaughan, Jordan Guffey, Jane Jarshaw, Laurelyn Drescher

Pictured L to R: Dr. Vaughan, Jordan Guffey,
Jane Jarshaw, and Laurelyn Drescher

Pictured: Justin Lawrence

Pictured: Justin Lawrence