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Events and Opportunities


At the SLL, we have two astronomy domes and several telescopes available to us. The SLL has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Starcreek Astronomical Society to assist in astronomy education. For more information, visit Northwestern Oklahoma State University's page for the SLL Observatory.

Ongoing and Annual Events

Several workshops are held throughout the year at the SLL involving biology, astronomy, and other topics. We also hold several annual events throughout the year such as Citizen Science Day and the Prairie Chicken Festival Dinner. Click the link above to learn about the annual events and learn what events we have going on right now. 

Opportunities at the SLL

Our motto is Service, Learning, and Leadership, so there are many different opportunities for all ages at the SLL. We have research opportunities as well as opportunities for kids, teens, and adults. There are also many organizations related to the work and research done at the SLL. 

Looking Back

Citizen Science Day | Prairie Art Contest

Hope Day | Star Parties

Entomology Workshop | Blue Thumb