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Dr. Rebecca Williams Manager of the Selman Living Laboratory

SLL Internal Advisory Committee

Dr. Elizabeth Allan Science Education
Dr. Troy Baird Vertebrate Biology, Herpetology, Ichthyology
Dr. John Barthell Provost - Entomology
Dr. David Bass Invertebrate Biology, Ecology
Plant Physiology
Dr. Robert Brennan Microbiology
Dr. Chris Butler
Dr. Gloria Caddell Plant Taxonomy, Ecology, Pollination Ecology
Dr. William Caire Mammalogy
Dr. Michelle Haynie Molecular Taxonomy
Dr. Lynda M. Loucks UCO Natural History Museum Collection
Dr. Wayne Lord Parasitology, Entomology
Dr. Clark Ovrebo Mycology
Dr. Paul Stone Herpetology, Physiological Ecology
Dr. Melville "Mel" Vaughan Anatomy, Cell Biology
Dr. Greg Wilson

Vertebrate Biology, Mammalogy