Proposal Development

The CMS Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is your first stop when beginning a grant proposal. Planning is essential to produce a strong proposal that will merit funding. Here are some guidelines to help you in the process:

Getting Started
    1. Match your project with a funding source
    2. Read the Request for Proposal (RFP)
    3. Contact the CMS Sponsored Programs Office
    4. Plan
        • Select faculty with whom you will collaborate on the project
        • Draft a preliminary timeline and management plan
        • Work with the CMS Sponsored Programs Office to create a budget draft

Writing the Proposal
    1. Match the order of the RFP
    2. Write one section at a time and save the Summary for last
    3. Respond to every requirement listed in the RFP
    4. Be clear and concise - the proposal should be easy to understand by anyone reading it
    5. Avoid jargon
    6. Information should be grouped and labeled effectively and all sections should relate to one another
    7. Use tables and charts to effectively present data
    8. Plan your budget according to the funding limitations of the agency
    9. Create a plan for sustaining the project once the grant period ends