Choose your student type:

Thank you for your interest in the University of Central Oklahoma! To make sure you fill out the correct application, carefully choose a student type:

  • Undergraduate: US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Undocumented

  • I am a US citizen (or have been granted U.S. Permanent Residency) and would like to take undergraduate courses. Note: Students who have applied for permanent residency but are awaiting its approval should choose Undergraduate International Student. If you are a US citizen but were born outside of the United States you are required to provide proof of US citizenship (US passport, Consular Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card).

  • Undergraduate International Student

  • I am an international student (or am awaiting the approval of my U.S. Permanent Residency Application) wanting to take undergraduate courses.

  • Graduate International Student

  • I am an international student who has completed or is about to complete a bachelor's degree (or higher) and would like to take graduate classes.