Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Enrollment Central?

Enrollment Central is the first step of New Broncho Orientation, Central’s overall combination of events and resources designed to assist our students through their transition to UCO. Enrollment Central is intended only for our incoming freshmen. At your Enrollment Central session we will cover a variety of topics focused on the basics of getting started: academic orientation, understanding placement results, academic advisement, enrollment, financial aid, etc. When you leave Enrollment Central you will have a class schedule in hand.

Q: Will I be able to complete placement testing at Enrollment Central?

At Enrollment Central we try to cover a significant amount of information in a short amount of time. Because placement testing is untimed we want every student to have enough time to complete any required tests in a less rushed environment. If you are asked to complete any placement tests you will be required to do so before attending your Enrollment Central session. For questions about placement testing or to schedule an appointment for testing, please visit Testing Services online at or call 405-974-2388. 

Q: What is Transfer Enrollment Days?

Transfer Enrollment Days is similar in content to Enrollment Central but is focused on the needs of our incoming first-time transfer students. Transfer Enrollment Days offers incoming transfer students an opportunity for early enrollment while providing students with hands on assistance throughout the initial enrollment process.

Q: What is Enrollment Central Online?

Enrollment Central Online is an asynchronous (you do it on your own time, on your own schedule) web-based version of the orientation aspects of Enrollment Central and Transfer Enrollment Days.

Q: Is Enrollment Central/Transfer Enrollment Days/Enrollment Central Online required?

All incoming first-time freshman, transfer and returning transfer students are required to complete one of these academic orientations. What version you complete will depend on what type of student you are and what time of year it is. Enrollment Central Online is available to students when in-person events are full or unavailable. Most first-time and returning transfer students will complete Enrollment Central Online as Transfer Enrollment Days is not designed to provide enough capacity for our entire incoming classes. All summer and fall freshmen are expected to attend Enrollment Central so Enrollment Central Online is only available during late enrollment in August. Freshmen entering in the spring semester should complete Enrollment Central when offered but Enrollment Central Online will always be available if there are no in-person orientation sessions being offered by our office.

Q: Is there a fee for attending an academic orientation event?

There are orientation fees for attending Enrollment Central or Transfer Enrollment Days. These fees cover the operating costs of the Office of First-Year Experience Programs, allowing us to do things like pay the salaries of our staff and Orientation Leaders and pay for everything from postage to T-shirts and all things in between. Fees vary by event and will be explained at sign-up and in your event confirmation materials. These fees are typically added to your overall student bill for your first semester.

Q: I am still a junior or senior in high school and am just enrolling for concurrent classes at UCO. Am I supposed to attend Enrollment Central?

No. If you are not yet a full-time student at Central you only need to see an academic advisor in order to get help with the enrollment process. Call 405-974-2727 for help making an appointment.

Q: I have already or am about to graduate high school and I have already earned credit through AP courses and or concurrent credit. Do I have to attend Enrollment Central?

Yes. If you have these types of credit we know you may already be college savvy, but Enrollment Central is designed to make sure everyone starts with the same foundational knowledge about Central and the resources, processes, and people here to support your successful transition. Often times concurrently enrolled students haven't been provided the level of detail necessary to navigate the university as a full-time student.

Q: I have attended another institution after graduating high school but I don’t have thirty credit hours yet (sophomore standing). Which academic orientation is right for me?

If you have been enrolled at another institution after high school graduation then you are a transfer student, whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. We want you to attend Transfer Enrollment Days to learn more about the role your transfer credits play in your academic career here at Central.

Q: I plan on starting at Central in the summer. Do I still attend Enrollment Central?

Yes. There are three approaches to summer enrollment, Full-Term (June and July), Block One (June), and Block Two (July). It is important that you sign up for an Enrollment Central session early enough that you have time to enroll in the classes you want. If you want to enroll for Block One or Full-Term classes you need to get signed up for one of our May sessions.

Q: What is the difference between Enrollment Central and Freshman FORGE?

Enrollment Central is just the first step of New Broncho Orientation. After enrolling it’s time to focus on your broader college experience. FORGE is all about traditions, connections, and meeting the rest of your class. Transfer students should attend FORGE Transfer, Parents can attend FORGE Family, and there are many other aspects of FORGE to explore at

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