Success Strategies

This is a required course for students with less than 30 credit hours on academic probation or freshman academic notice. Success Strategies will focus on self-evaluation and personal assessment to overcome problems and in developing stronger learning strategies for success in college. It will help identify reasons for experiencing academic difficulty and help students understand university policies and procedures. This course will assist students in development of goals, attitudes, and study skills needed to achieve academic success. Topics addressed will include: goal-setting, time management, study skills, effective writing skills, effective use of campus resources, and emphasis on personal responsibility.

What is Success Strategies About?

As a result of this course students will:

  • utilize scholarly and creative activities to produce observable academic results
  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • identify behaviors that place students at risk for failure
  • recognize the factors that contribute to academic and social success in a collegiate environment
  • identify and cultivate supportive relationships with staff members, faculty members and other students
  • apply methodologies designed to equip students to overcome life obstacles and develop a heightened sense of personal responsibility