Themed UNIV Courses

Most sections of UNIV 1012: Success Central follow a standard "extended orientation" roadmap to introduce to students to principles of success as they begin their time at Central. A few, however, utilize a unique lens through which to teach these same principles. These sections address all of the same intended student learning outcomes but they present the information and the application of principles differently.

Themed Section Examples - Fall 2016

Fandoms Focused
Turn your passion for all things nerdy into a passion for collegiate success. This class uses modern examples from pop-culture and the various worlds of fandoms to discuss and dissect study skills, relationships, learning styles, and priorities. Don’t miss the first day of class, where you’ll be sorted into your Success Central house. No Permission Required

Election 2016
This section of Success Central is going to be HUGE! We will focus on the civic engagement aspect of the STLR tenet Civic Engagement and Service Learning. We will still address the core objectives of Success Central as we also utilize the NY Times and other media sources to look toward the November election and to discuss why the issues on the debate stage matter in the everyday lives of students. No Permission Required. 

Career Exploration
Choosing a major and deciding on a future career field can be stressful and challenging for students. This section is designed specifically for students entering UCO without a declared major. In addition to transition to college topics, students will engage in exercises and activities designed to help them identify an academic major and explore careers that match their interests, goals and skills. No Permission Required

The Collegiate Student Athlete
There is a whole layer to student success and to college that is experienced differently by student athletes than by other students. This section of Success Central focuses on those unique issues. Balancing training and practice with school and study, navigating financial aid as a student athlete and much more will be addressed. Advisor Permission Required

Student Veterans
A special section of UNV 1012 is offered for military veterans at UCO. In addition to the topics covered in other sections, this section discusses the unique issues students may face in the military-to-college transition. Advisor Permission Required

How to Propose a Themed Section

Theme proposals for Fall 2017 must be submitted no later than April 28, 2017. Please include:

  • Proposal Abstract - In less than 500 words describe the theme and how it would uniquely contribute to your students' success and engagement while remaining true to the intended SLOs of UNIV 1012:Success Central.
  • Outcomes Planning Matrix - We understand this is a proposal and we don't expect a completed syllabus. We do require proposals include the FYESS Outcomes Planning Matrix in which you demonstrate how themed elements (topics, methods, assignments, and/or readings) could be applied to at least four of the six objective categories.  

Sample Materials