Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What options do I have when choosing an official ID card with the University of Central Oklahoma?

Both the Central Card and the Bronze Card are official UCO IDs that provide you access to university services such as meal plans, use of the Wellness Center, privileges at the Chambers Library and access to Broncho Athletics events. Compare cards now

Q: What can my UCO ID cards be used for?

Both the Central Card and the Bronze Card provide you access to university services. In addition to the basics, the Central Card option also provides an integrated banking option through MidFirst Bank making it much more than just an ID card - providing use of the MidFirst Bank campus ATM network, accepted at Visa locations worldwide, Broncho checking from MidFirst Bank, and the ability to pay for goods and services on and off campus. Compare cards now

Q: What is the difference between a BankMobile Vibe Debit Card and a Central Card?

Both the BankMobile Vibe Debit Card and the Central ID Visa® Debit Card can be used as debit cards tied to free student checking accounts. The BankMobile Vibe Debit Card is provided to you upon opening a BankMobile Vibe Account during the refund selection process. Once you receive a Refund Selection Kit in the US mail after enrolling for the first time you need to select a refund preference so that the university and our partner, Bank Mobile Disbursements understand how you want to receive any refunds owed you by the university. The BankMobile Vibe Debit Card is not a university ID card.

If you want a debit card that can also serve as your university ID then you are looking for the Central Card. In fact, when you receive your Refund Selection Kit and select your refund preference you can choose to have university refunds direct deposited to your new Broncho Checking account, providing you easy access to your financial aid funds, all on one card, the Central Card. Your first option when selecting a refund preference is always to direct the funds to any bank account of your choosing. You do not have to have a Central Card or a BankMobile Vibe Debit Card.

Q: Is there a cost for replacing a lost or stolen UCO ID Card?

Yes. Both the Central Card and the Bronze Card have a $15 replacement fee. Because our new card system is so much smarter than our previous system and being utilized for so many purposes across the campus it takes more resources to maintain. Please note: Each card contains a card number unique to your student or staff record. If your card is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately. Contact Campus Card Services for more information

Q: I have had my old UCO ID card for years. Why should I bother switching to a new card?

Not only is UCO introducing a partnership with MidFirst Bank to provide the Central ID Visa® Debit Card, but we are replacing our entire campus ID card system. Everyone (students, faculty and staff) will need a new Central Card or Bronze Card in order to continue to have access to university services and resources, like the Wellness Center, Chambers Library, meal plans, or access to Broncho Athletics.

Any “old” versions of the UCO ID (printed before May 2013) have been retired and will no longer be accepted as a valid university ID.

Q: What are the UCO Campus Card Services hours?

Campus Card Services Office hours | MidFirst Bank Campus office hours

Q: Where is the UCO Campus Card Services Office located?

Campus Card Services is located in room 222A in the Nigh University Center. We are located on the main floor of the building next to the Central Tech Store and MidFirst Bank.

Broncho Spirit Card ATM locations | MidFirst Bank Campus ATM locations

Q: How do I change my meal plan?

Both the Central Card and the Bronze Card provide access to your campus meal plan for on-campus dining. However, Campus Card Services does not administer this program. Any questions about meal plans can be answered by contacting Housing and Dining.

Q: Where can I use my Central Card to make purchases?

The Central Card is accepted at millions of Visa® locations worldwide.

Q: Why are there two stripes on the back of my Central Card?

The silver stripe at the top of the card is for banking functions; the black stripe at the bottom is for university functions.

Q: How is my Central Card different from a credit card?

The Central Card is NOT a credit card; it is a Visa® check card linked to your MidFirst Bank Broncho Checking Account.

Q: Where can I open a MidFirst Bank Broncho checking account and order a Central Card?

Students: All incoming students will have the opportunity to sign up for the account and card by attending an academic orientation event such as Enrollment Central or Transfer Enrollment Days. Any UCO student can also visit the MidFirst Bank Campus Banking Center to sign up for a FREE checking account and Central Card. Learn more from MidFirst Bank

Employees: UCO employees can visit the MidFirst Bank Campus Banking Center to sign up for a checking account and Central Card.

All students, faculty, and staff must visit Campus Card Services to first have their photo captured in order to obtain a Bronze Card or a Central Card.