Concurrent Enrollment of High School Students

Concurrent enrollment is designed to prepare high school students for the collegiate experience.  Concurrent enrollment is open to high school Juniors and Seniors. Upon admission,  students must maintain at least a 2.0 each semester to remain eligible in the concurrent enrollment program per Oklahoma State Regents policy.

Senior Admission Requirements

  • Composite national ACT score of 20 or a 3.0 high school GPA with top 50% class rank

Junior Admission Requirements

  • Composite national ACT score of 23 or 3.5 high school GPA

What do I need for admission?

Steps After Admission:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor by calling (405) 974-2727
  2. Reserve your parking decal. The cost is $125 for the academic year (July 1 to June 30). Complete the online process to reserve your parking decal. Concurrent students will receive a Commuter Parking Decal to park in all Commuter Parking and Multipurpose Parking Lots
  3. Reserve your textbooks.  In UCONNECT student’s can view the specific textbooks tied to your section of class. Select the “School Services” tab, “Broncho Central Services”, “Student”, “Enrollment/Registration” and last “Barnes & Noble Textbook Reservation”. 
  4. Visit Campus Card Services in the Nigh University Center 222A for a UCO student ID.

Tuition & Fees

High school seniors who are U.S. citizens and Oklahoma residents are eligible for a concurrent tuition waiver. The waiver is applied to general tuition for up to 6 (six) credit hours per semester for high school seniors only. High school juniors are not eligible for the waiver. Students will still be responsible for fees associated with the application and enrollment. Students are also responsible for the cost of textbooks.

  1. Payments can be made online via UCONNECT or in person at the Bursar Office by the Friday prior to the first day of classes.
  2. Any payment after made after the deadline will result in a $40.00 penalty.
  3. Seniors taking more than six credit hours will be responsible for the tuition and fees associated with the credit hours over the six hour concurrent waiver.
  4. Please visit Financial Disclosure/Enrollment Costs webpage for more information on tuition and fees.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact us at (405)974-2727 or at .