University of Central Oklahoma Undergraduate Academic Reprieve Policy

This policy was developed and approved under the guidelines of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) Policy Statement on Grading (OSRHE II-2-124).

Please note this policy applies only to undergraduate credit. There is no reprieve policy for graduate credit courses.

Section II - Academic Forgiveness Provisions states (in part) that "... and 2" There may be extraordinary situations in which a student has done poorly in an entire enrollment due to extenuating circumstances which, in the judgment of the appropriate institutional officials, warrant excluding those grades in calculating the student's undergraduate retention and graduation GPA's." (Emphasis UCO's)

I. OSRHE policy (section II-B - Academic Reprieve) is:
A. At least three years must have elapsed since the completion of the semester for which the reprieve is requested.

B. Prior to the time the reprieve request is made, the student must have:
   1. Earned a minimum of 12 UCO hours of regularly graded course work, excluding activity and performance classes.
   2. Earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher in all regularly graded course work excluding activity and performance courses.
   3. Earned no grade below a "C" in 1 and 2 above. UCO will not consider any request for reprieve where the student has earned a grade of "D" or "F" after  the semesters requested for reprieve.
     a. Courses in which a grade of "D" or "F" was originally earned and which were subsequently repeated will be ignored in determining eligibility under I-B-3  above.

C. Students may request a reprieve for up to two consecutive semesters. The University, however, may choose to grant the request for only one (or neither) of the semesters. Consecutive semesters can be, for example, Fall 1990 and Fall 1993, as long as no coursework has been attempted between these semesters.

D. The student may not receive more than one academic reprieve during his/her academic career.

II. UCO Reprieve policy includes all of the OSRHE requirements and further specifies the following:
A. The student must be currently enrolled at UCO, as a degree-seeking student.

B. UCO will not reprieve course work for students who:
   1. Received a bachelor's degree.
   2. Are attending another institution (in state or out of state).
   3. Are seeking admission at another institution (in state or out of state).

C. Students granted Academic Reprieve will not be eligible for graduation honors requirements.

III. UCO's policy on accepting reprieves from another institution.
A. Reprieves granted by another institution will not automatically be honored by UCO. The student will be required to re-petition for the reprieve.

B. Students who do not qualify for Academic Reprieve under requirements I & II above will be informed by e-mail that the petition is denied. No further petition for Academic Reprieve will be considered until requirements I & II are met.

IV. Conditions resulting from a successful petition.
A. A course successfully completed with a "C" or better grade and removed from the retention/graduation GPA may not be repeated for the degree. The student may be required to take an additional course or courses to complete the total hours for the degree.

B. A course in which a grade of "F" was reprieved and removed from graduation/retention GPA calculations must be repeated if the course is a requirement for the degree.