College of Fine Arts and Design

We are glad you’re here and have decided to be a part of the College of Fine Arts and Design. If you have been told you have a deficiency, you will need to start taking the required remedial course immediately. It is particularly important that you pay attention to prerequisites. Prerequisites are those courses that are required to be taken prior to taking another course.

Final tips: It is important to watch your GPA! The majority of College of Fine Arts and Design majors require you to have a 2.75 GPA in all college course work and in your major courses. You must make C’s or better in all of your major courses. The grades you make your first year will follow you for your entire academic career so get off to a good start. 

Your College of Fine Arts and Design Academic Advisors:

Pam Platz, Academic Advisor

Located in Nigh University Center Room 121

My primary majors include: Art (Studio and Art History), Art Education, Art Entrepreneurship, Dance, Dance Education, Design (Graphic Design & Interior Design), Global Art & Visual Culture, Music (Music Theatre, Jazz, Percussion, Piano, String, Vocal, & Wind), Music Education (Instrumental & Vocal), Theatre Arts (Design &  Technology & Performance), Theatre/Communication Education.

Brenda Brent, Director of Academic Student Services - ACM

Located at the ACM in Downtown Oklahoma City

My primary majors include: Contemporary Music (Business, Performance, & Production) & Technology Application Studies.